FileMaker Updates
And Support

When your business depends on a FileMaker system, you need a partner who will ensure that your staff are fully supported and that the system itself remains fast, secure and compatible with your IT infrastructure. We provide outstanding FileMaker support, from planned system updates to day-to-day user support. We are FileMaker experts and provide fast, attentive service no matter what size your organisation.

Updating Your
FileMaker System

If you need to update your system to run on a later version of FileMaker, to work with new IT infrastructure or improve speed and performance, we will take care of everything for you, from initial review, through coding, testing and live roll out.

To keep you in control of the budget, we begin with a full review of the system and provide a realistic estimate of how it will need modifying to work with the latest FileMaker platform.

For more complex updates, we include a user-testing phase before the final rollout, where selected members of your staff run through an offline copy of the new system, to be sure everything is working exactly as expected.

Supporting Your
Staff Productivity

To keep your staff working efficiently and productively, we provide fast, responsive support for your FileMaker system. Whether they need assistance logging in or help finding a specific function or piece of information, we are available to help throughout UK working hours.

We are a small team which means you get to speak to a developer, usually the same person all the way through to the solution. Unlike many software firms, we specifically allocate developer time to all of our support contracts, so you can be sure that a specialist will be available with enough time to help, whenever you need it.

If the best way to resolve your query is by adding new functionality to the system – perhaps tweaking a report, adding a new field to a form or creating a button to automate a task – we can usually include small development activities within your support budget.

Supporting a FileMaker upgrade

Making Support
Work For You

Our support contracts are designed to give you what you need, when you need it, at a price that makes sense for your organisation. We regularly review how much support your staff are receiving, so that we can ensure you are getting good value for money and only paying for what you need.

If you need more support up-front to resolve a challenging situation, or to help ease new staff into their role, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss one-off projects and flexible support option

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