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FileMaker Business Systems

Trusted providers of FileMaker support, hosting, development and integration.

FileMaker Development

Ensuring your business has the systems you need to grow profitably and efficiently. We devise and develop custom software and enhance existing FileMaker systems.

FileMaker Support

Keeping your FileMaker system fast, functional and secure, to underpin business success. We provide a full support service, including FileMaker updates, licensing and hosting.

FileMaker Integration

Integrating your business systems with other software, cloud services and partners, to improve efficiency, eliminate errors and make innovation part of your everyday business.

Delivering all your
FileMaker Requirements

If you rely on a FileMaker system to manage sales, service or operations, Smart Wolf can provide all the FileMaker support and bespoke development that you need. We are trusted by our clients to understand their businesses and work out the best way of delivering the capabilities they need, now and for the long-term.

Smart Wolf are Claris FileMaker Partners, recognised for the strength of our technical solutions and client relationships. We are proud to be trusted by organisations of all sizes throughout the UK.


At Smart Wolf we are focused entirely on developing and supporting systems on the FileMaker platform:
Building a clear understanding of your business requirements to create a new FileMaker system or enhance your existing software.
Creating direct links to share data and automate activities between your core systems and specialist software or cloud services.
Providing quality end-user support for your FileMaker system, as well as specialist FileMaker resources to complement your IT team.
We provide fast, secure FileMaker hosting using high-specification cloud services or can support FileMaker on your own premises.
As Claris FileMaker partners we can provide the right licenses to keep you and your systems compliant without paying over the odds.
If you need to upgrade to the latest version of FileMaker, we'll take care of the any changes and testing that may be required to you up to date.

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If you would like help with your FileMaker system or have a question about how we might work together, please get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team:

    The Smart Wolf team is based in Worcester, in the West Midlands. We work with clients throughout the UK and are available throughout regular office hours.

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    Copyright 2020 Smart Wolf Ltd.