FileMaker Version Upgrades

Currently using an older version of FileMaker? You may be missing out!

With each new release of the FileMaker platform comes new features, performance enhancements and platform improvements. If you’re looking to upgrade your version of FileMaker then contact us and we can walk you through the process!

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Upgrade FileMaker Version

FileMaker 12-17 Upgrades


If your system is already being used in FileMaker 12, 13, 14,15 or 16 then the upgrade process is simple. Smart Wolf would recommend looking at installing the latest version of FileMaker which is FileMaker 17 and thoroughly checking your system for consistency. Smart Wolf would always recommend the latest version of FileMaker be used where possible to maximise performance and efficiency.

FileMaker 7-11 Upgrades


When upgrading from FileMaker Versions 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 – your file(s) must be converted to the new FileMaker format (.fmp12). This can be done by attempting to open the system in FileMaker 12+, which will trigger the process. This should be done with care as issues may arise, be sure to back up your database beforehand. Once converted, the system should be checked for consistency.

FileMaker 6 (And Earlier) Upgrade

Systems that are currently in FileMaker 6 or earlier must first be converted to the .fp7 format and then to the .fmp12 format. This process can be complicated and various manual corrections before converting may be required. We would suggest contacting us to find out what options you have going forward.

FileMaker Plugin Upgrades

Some FileMaker Plugins may not be compatible with later versions of FileMaker, this means that your system may not function as intended after upgrading. If you would like help with upgrading a plugin dependant system or you would like to find out whether your system is using FileMaker Plugins then contact Smart Wolf for a free consultation.

Looking to upgrade your FileMaker System itself?

Smart Wolf can help you progress, improve and extend your current FileMaker system.

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FileMaker Licenses

FileMaker Maintenance Releases

If you are currently in a maintenance contract with FileMaker, which is included in annual licensing contracts, you can get the latest version of FileMaker at no additional cost.

Not sure whether this applies to you?

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FileMaker 17 User Licenses

If you’re looking to upgrade to the latest version of FileMaker, you will need a suitable license contract.

To find out more, follow the FileMaker licensing link below or contact us.

Need help or have questions?

Contact us, we are happy to give our advice and recommendations about upgrading FileMaker versions.

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FileMaker Server Upgrades

Looking to upgrade your FileMaker Server?

Upgrading your own FileMaker server can be quite a task if you aren’t familiar with the application. You must first ensure that the version of the FileMaker Server software you are intending to upgrade to is compatible with your server’s operating system and hardware. You must then ensure that your databases are backed up sufficiently and you have made a note of any schedules that may be operating. You may also be required to forward certain ports to the server’s local IP address and unblock these ports from the server’s firewall.

If you would like advise or help with a server upgrade then contact us today for a free consultation.



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