FileMaker MailChimp Integration

FileMaker can be integrated with MailChimp using MailChimp’s RESTful API. Keep contact lists in sync by sending data from FileMaker to MailChimp, from MailChimp to FileMaker or both!

Designed and developed with GDPR in mind, ensuring contacts in FileMaker have their appropriate subscribed status!

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Custom Built FileMaker MailChimp Integration

All of the integrations developed by Smart Wolf are custom built and therefore tailored to your exact business need. The MailChimp API is extensive, allowing a lot of functionality which allows us to develop anything from simple processes to a fully integrated solution.

FileMaker to MailChimp Available Features


Create New Lists

Create new mailing lists directly from FileMaker. Administer them within your FileMaker system instead of using MailChimp’s web interface, this allows list management in a way that is familiar to you and your users.


Create and Manage Campaigns

MailChimp Campaigns can be created and updated from data within FileMaker. Data can be pulled from various FileMaker tables and collated into a MailChimp campaign.


Create New Contacts

Create new contacts as members of a MailChimp list with data from your FileMaker system. At the click of a button, you can upload new contacts or automate the process to keep FileMaker and MailChimp in sync.


Update Contacts

If contact records are changed within FileMaker, a process can be set up to also update MailChimp ensuring the systems are always in sync.

MailChimp to FileMaker Available Features


Download Lists

When lists are created or updated in MailChimp, they can be downloaded to FileMaker. One such use case would be to create reports of average open rate, average click click, subscribed member ratio and the possibilities go on!


Get Campaign Reports

MailChimp’s built in reports can be downloaded to FileMaker for further processing. An example case use of this may be to reformat a report in such a way where it can be shared with a client or supplier.


Download Contacts

When somebody signs up to a MailChimp list, that individuals details can be transferred to FileMaker. If an individual alters their details or more importantly unsubscribes from further contact then this can be reflected within FileMaker.


Monitor Email Activity

MailChimp is the perfect platform for monitoring your email campaigns, this data can be transferred to FileMaker to create custom processes such as user notifications and management reports.

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