Custom Business Systems

Empowers your business to succeed with solutions that automate and support your critical processes.

Smart Wolf develop and support custom business systems using the FileMaker platform.

Unlike packaged apps or “off-the-shelf” products, our systems are created specifically to meet the unique needs of your business. Smart Wolf work with in a variety of business sectors for small and large business teams across the UK.

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Common Business Challenges

Inefficient Processes

You gather and share information using slow, inefficient processes that are prone to data entry errors. Manual entry is taking your team too much time and could be a lot faster.

Scattered Information

Your information is stored in separate systems, perhaps multiple spreadsheets, documents or exists only on paper. Finding data can be time consuming and inaccurate.

Rigid Technology

You’ve looked for a packaged application or system but it doesn’t do exactly what you want or seems to be overkill. Off the shelf software is usually not customisation so you get what you are given.

Costly and Complex Tools

You may have explored starting a custom programming project but you didn’t have the resources to develop and deploy it. Custom applications can be costly if the platform is not right!

FileMaker Business Systems


Integrate your FileMaker Business System with your current data source and other business systems, for a streamline transition improving efficiency.

Centralised Data

All of your data is stored in a centralised FileMaker solution that is familiar to your team members. The data can be accessed easily and accurately.

Bespoke Solutions

FileMaker Systems are built to meet your specific needs and requirements, meaning that the functionality is customised to your business. No more having to change how you work because of a system!

FileMaker Platform

FileMaker is a Rapid Application Development tool meaning we can develop and adjust databases quickly and efficiently. Costs when compared to ‘code heavy’ solutions are much lower and you gain much more!

Certified FileMaker Developers

Smart Wolf are Certified Developers for FileMaker 17 and previous versions.


#1 Free Consultation

Whether it’s a face-to-face meeting, or a consultation over the phone, we will assess your requirements to build the best fit solution for you.

#2 Planning

We will put together a development plan with you to ensure we are aligned each throughout each step of the process. The outcomes of the project will be established and goals are set.

#3 Development

Once agreed, we will start development on your FileMaker system. Regular updates will be provided throughout the development phase to keep you in the loop and ensure both parties are aligned.

#4 Testing

Before going live with your database, both parties will test the functionality of the system to ensure it is working exactly as you expect it to.

#5 Deployment

We will work with you to schedule a date and time that suits to deploy the database and get your users up and running. Software installations, training and advise are provided to ensure a smooth transition.

#6 Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing system support with our monthly support contract, a set amount of hours dedicated to user support or making system tweaks to ensure your system performs at maximum capability!

Free Consultation

To discover how the FileMaker Platform can help your business, contact us to arrange a free consultation where we can discuss your needs!

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