Developing Custom
Systems with FileMaker

Many organisations and teams are unique in the way they work, so will never find off-the-shelf software that fits well with their people and processes. With a bespoke system you get exactly what you need, supporting your way of working, boosting staff productivity, reducing errors and giving management greater visibility.

As your business evolves and grows, a bespoke system will help you maintain your differentiation and competitive edge. It can be adapted and extended to support more of your staff and provide self-service options for partners and customers.

Creating Your New
Business Software

The first and most critical step in creating a new business system is understanding how your business works and clarifying the processes which underpin your day to day operations. We will work with you to establish what exactly needs to be achieved, who will be using the system, how they work now and how you want them to work together in future.

We are skilled at drawing up the requirements in sufficient detail to provide a reliable estimate of the time and budget required. We will check-in with you regularly, so you can see completed milestones and provide feedback. If your needs change part way through, we will be flexible and accommodating, but always working to an agreed budget.

With development led by certified FileMaker developers, all our work is built on solid foundations that provide excellent security, performance and adaptability for the future. We follow best practice in coding and are thorough in testing.

Adapting Your Existing
FileMaker System

If you have a FileMaker system that can no longer be supported by the people who created it, we can often provide you with support and deliver new or updated functionality within the existing system.

We will always start with a review of the system including its database and code, to identify potential issues, understand how it has been structured and work out how we could work with it to meet your future needs.

If you and we are satisfied with what is found, we will create a plan for addressing your immediate priorities and longer-term requirements in a structured and efficient way.

Providing Access for
Customers and Partners

Whether you need to integrate more fully into your customer supply chain or provide simple customer self-service, we are experienced at extending FileMaker systems to provide secure access for placing and amending orders, sharing updates, uploading information and signing approvals.

We can create secure portals that allow customers and partners to sign-in and interact through a browser or integrate directly with third party systems using JSON or other data interchange protocols.

As with any custom development we will start with your business objectives, consider how your customers and partners want to work with you and deliver well-coded, fully tested, secure systems.

Adding Dashboards and
Management Reporting

As your business grows and you no longer have time to oversee everything yourself, effective management reporting is essential to achieve constant improvement, avoid operational issues and manage profitability as you expand and evolve.

FileMaker is very well suited to creating management dashboards, custom reports and clear analytics. We understand how to turn data from your system into the insights that you and your colleagues require, while presenting it in ways that tell you what you need to know quickly and clearly.

Case Studies

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Resolving building defects faster, with automated responses and clear management reporting.

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Managing ski school business including online bookings, lessons and staffing.

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