Integrating FileMaker
Throughout Your Business

When you use multiple systems and cloud-based services in your business, your staff can waste a lot of time cut and pasting, importing and exporting files and rechecking manual work. There is also a serious risk of making mistakes that annoy customers, expose you to financial loss or data protection issues.

We can help you automate processes and share data securely between desktop applications and cloud services, with direct integration to your FileMaker systems.

Emails and Marketing
By integrating your FileMaker system to a marketing automation platform or an email service such as MailChimp you can be sure that you are talking to all the right people, based on their most recent interactions and purchases.
Calendars and Schedules
Whether you have field-based teams or need to schedule customer service and sales appointments, we will help you integrate your FileMaker system to the calendars and task lists that your people know and use every day.
Financial Systems
Accounts and sales data can provide valuable insights when it is extracted and summarised for people in other departments. We can provide integrations with Sage, Xero and other financial packages.
Production and Stock
There can be tremendous efficiency gains and insights from the data contained in production, stock control and other legacy systems. We can integrate with almost any application to add sophisticated analysis, prediction and smarter, automated working.
Reporting and BI
For better decision-making and informed management, we can draw out and share the key insights and detailed data from your FileMaker system with your preferred business intelligence (BI) or analytics package.
Websites and Portals
For better customer service and reduced admin costs, we can give your customers and partners secure access to place and amend orders, upload information, sign approvals and more through your existing website.

Creating Your
Custom Integration

FileMaker has powerful integration capabilities which allow us to interact with other systems and servers on your premises or on the Internet. We can create robust integrations that receive data that is pushed from other systems or connect to other systems to read and write information.

With FileMaker we typically use cURL and JSON to connect to APIs of online services like XERO or MailChimp. Within your own business, we can use PHP APIs or ODBC to connect to websites or intranets, SQL databases and other systems. There are many other ways of integrating and extending FileMaker systems, including pre-built plugins and JavaScript libraries.

We have delivered simple integrations that automatically import records from a spreadsheet in a shared folder or trigger a batch process on a local fileserver. And we have created highly sophisticated integrations involving complex data lookups, processing, updates and automated activities across multiple systems.

We treat integrations like any other development, starting with a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and how your business processes currently work, before working out the best way of developing and delivering a fully tested, secure integration.

Case Studies

Read how we are helping UK businesses and other non-profit organisations of all sizes to achieve their objectives more efficiently and effectively, with custom FileMaker software:

Air Ambulance

Providing clinical and operational insights that are saving time and saving lives.

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J S Wright

Resolving building defects faster, with automated responses and clear management reporting.

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Avoriaz Alpine Ski School

Managing ski school business including online bookings, lessons and staffing.

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