FileMaker Hosting
And Licenses

FileMaker offers flexible options for licensing and hosting, so you can obtain the capabilities you need at a fair price. However, the differences between the offerings can be subtle and technical, with serious implications for connectivity and backwards compatibility.

We have worked with the FileMaker organisation (now Claris) and the FileMaker platform for many years, so can guide you through the technical considerations and advise on the real-life cost implications.

Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to explore the options with you.

Finding the Right
FileMaker Hosting

FileMaker Cloud is convenient and simple for the most straight-forward applications. However, to ensure flexibility, compatibility and connectivity, you are likely to be better off using FileMaker Server on your own hardware or a high-quality virtual server, such as AWS.

Depending on your IT strategy and in-house resources we will help you work out the right server or VPS to use on-site or we can provide a fully managed, dedicated cloud server. Either way we will ensure you have the right machine and configuration to run reliably and responsively.

If you are considering server and hosting options for your FileMaker system, please contact us.

Buying Your
FileMaker Licenses

Whatever your FileMaker requirements, we can provide a complete service from selecting the right licensing and hosting, through to updates, development and support.

If you would like indicative pricing for FileMaker, by far the most common licensing is for FileMaker Server. This includes the server software, desktop and mobile apps and website integrations. It is priced per user, on a sliding scale.

Looking for assistance with FileMaker licenses? Please talk to us for no-strings-attached, impartial advice.

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